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1 STAR – Regular Routine Clean.

Small Size Vehicle - £40

Medium Size Vehicle - £45

Large Size - £60


This Includes full detailed exterior shampoo wash including Alloy wheels, dried, hand polish and tyres dressed. Vacuum interior seats & carpets and cleaning of dashboard & components. Windows polished, interior plastics cleaned.

2 STAR - Mini Valet

Small Size Vehicle - £80

Medium Size Vehicle - £100

Large Size Vehicle - £120


Mini detailed valeting which includes the above 1 Star, Steam Cleaning engine compartment. Tar removed, Clay bar, Detail cleaning & vacuuming of the interior of the vehicle, all stains on seats and carpets removed  with shampooed wet vac. Glass polished and the entire vehicle fully hand polished.

3 STAR - Full Valet

Small Size Vehicle - £150

Medium Size Vehicle - £180

Large Size - £200


This service includes the above 1&2 Staras well as full shampoo of seats , carpets, roof lining and all fabric with wet vacuum. Leather seats are shampoo washed and cleaned. Detail vacuuming inside the car and wet vac shampoo of all fabrics & carpets with stains removal products to return your interior back to a clean, fresh smelling and stain free condition. Machine polish and light scratches removed. Headlights renovated.

4 STAR - Showroom Valet 

Small Size Vehicle - £200

Medium Size Vehicle - £250

Large Size Vehicle - £300


Premeditated to ensure your car is valeted to motor trade showroom standard with full comprehensive detail throughout the vehicle. This service includes all the above 1,2& 3 Starservices plus Clay bar and Full Machine Polish to the entire paintwork of the vehicle to remove/reduce paint imperfections, scratches, swirl marks, and restore faded paint and return it to a glossy and highly waxed condition.

5 STAR - Showroom Valet Plus

Small Size Vehicle - £250

Medium Size Vehicle - £300

Large Size Vehicle - £350


This includes all the above 2, 3 & 4 Star service, and it’s premeditated to not only for a perfect valet but also adds protection to both interior and exterior areas which help maintain and prolong your vehicles condition, and ultimately the value of it. It includes Lifeshine protection by Autoglym. We have a comprehensive range of services to complement our valets from adding that special polish to a routine clean to tackling those tricky pet hairs on seats and carpets.

LifeShine is a complete vehicle protection system that is professionally applied to your car’s paintwork, upholstery and glass. It offers you peace of mind by protecting your car from Road salt, traffic film, strong detergents, the weather – especially with children, dirt, mud, wear & tear, food & drink spillage etc.

Special care is taken by trained valeter to prepare your car to the highest standards to maintain its appearance and resale value, so that your car is delivered to you in pristine condition and is protected for years to come.

• Protects paintwork to lock in a deep gloss that's easier to clean.

• Protects fabric and leather upholstery from marks and stains.

• Protects glass to give improved visibility in wet weather.

• Offers peace of mind with a lifetime guarantee for as long as you own the car.


We undertake dealership onsite contract valeting. Providing first class valeting for showroom display, forecourt display, service wash or valet, including ready for collection or delivery of new and used sold cars at competitive prices. We are fully equipped and can setup on site conveniently. We are always ready and prepared to save you money on your valeting bills.


We specialise in flat and polishing of cars and also valeting cars getting them readily nice and clean for customer collection or delivery. We are fully equipped and can setup on site conveniently. We are always ready and prepared to save you money on your valeting bills.


We specialise in renovation of vehicle body paint work, head light and plastic rubber trims on vehicles including plastic rubber bumpers. We also renovate convertible cars soft top covers. 

Our Mission

We strive to become the best in the valeting industry.

We are passionate in helping businesses in the motor trade save money to reach and maximise their business dreams. 

It's our love for and dedication to what we do that enables us to become a better company for clients and ourselves.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business. You can offer promotions and slash prices to bring in as many new customers as you want, but unless you can get some of those customers to come back, your business won't be profitable for long. Good customer service is all about bringing customers back.


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